"Wills lawyer Les Kotzer is the guru of wills."
-Dale Goldhawk - Goldhawk Fights Back For You
AM 740 Zoomer Radio

"Les Kotzer is a regular guest of The Nightside on Newstalk 1010. Not only is Les 'the' authority when it comes to wills, he is also very entertaining and compassionate, and our listeners love him. The phones never stop ringing when Les is on!"
-Barb DiGiulio - Host of The Nightside
CFRB radio
CFRB radio

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(1) Watch Les

  1. discussing The Wills Lawyers book
  2. on CNN
  3. as a CTV News Success Story
  4. present 3 seminars on
    "What You Need To Know About Wills and Powers of Attorney"
    Part 1: Introduction
    Part 2: Powers of Attorney
    Part 3: Wills and Inheritance

(2) Read about Les

    Don't assume goodwill when it comes to an inheritance.
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  1. on 680 News
  2. on Jewel Radio 88.5
  3. Les on AM 740 - Dale Goldhawk - Podcasts

(4) Les is also a professional songwriter

  1. Read articles about the songwriting wills lawyer
    Reuters Article
    Regina Leader Post
  2. Read "Quotes" about The Songwriting Wills Lawyer.
  3. Watch his "Photos in a Drawer" music video.
  4. Listen to his Family Fight Song.
  5. Visit his songwriting website
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