Read articles written about Les Kotzer and Barry Fish's new book, THE WILLS LAWYERS

Articles featuring The Wills Lawyers and Les Kotzer

  1. Dividing the Money (And the Memories)
    Fred Brock
    New York Times
  2. Your grandfather's dead. It's my money now!
    Melissa Leong
    Financial Post
  3. Parents should ask: "Will my children be talking after I die?"
    Nancy J White
    The Toront Star
  4. Tales from the depths of estate law in Canada
    Irene Seiberling
    The Leader-Post
  5. Quick tips to steer clear of last testament trouble
    Joanne Richard
    The Sunday Sun
  6. Thornhill lawyers write cautionary tale in new book
    Simone Joseph
    Thornhill Liberal
  7. The inheritance wars
    Charlie Gillis
    MacLean's Magazine
  8. North York lawyer Barry Fish releases fourth book
    Dominik Kurek
    North York Mirror
  9. Where There's a Will, there's a Waiter
    Sharon Hill
    Windsor Star
  10. WILL WARS: Don't assume goodwill when it comes to an inheritance.
    Irene Seiberling
    Leader Post

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